Friday, January 9, 2009

Albertsons Diaper Deal

Need to stock up on diapers? Albertsons is having a great deal on diapers right now.

Part of their spend $30 get 15 towards your next purchase includes diapers. They are also having a promotion spend $25 in baby products get 5 towards your next purchase.

Here is how it would work:
3 packs diapers= $30
-$3 in coupons
= $27 OOP(out of pocket)
Receive 20 back for your next purchase

3 packs of diapers= $30
-$3 in coupons
-20 off next purchase
= $7 OOP
Receive 20 back for your next purchase

You can keep doing this over and over. This makes them $5.45 a pack and you will end up with 20 off your next purchase. Great deal if you need diapers.

Thanks imasupernova!

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