Monday, January 19, 2009

Commissary Trip

I went to the commissary today since we needed milk(2 Gallons not pictured) They paid me to take the KY($.51), Head $ Shoulders ($.58), and the Quaker Minis($.20). The Kashi bars were only $.09 each after $2 coupon and the Oatmeal were $.89 each after $1 coupon. The tomato sauce was $.65 for 3 after $1 off coupon. Over all I saved $22.40(Should have been $25.40 but the lady did not ring 3 of my $1 coupons but took them and I didn't notice until I got home) That's 43%. Not too bad since I did not have coupons for the soups, lunch meat, or milk. I don't know what to do about them not ringing up 3 of my coupons. I think it was for the Quaker Minis which I only bought because they were free and gave me overage. Thats not something we normally would eat. Hmm.

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